The Consulting Team at the Nonprofit Association of Oregon is of the highest professional caliber and brings together a rich and diverse set of skills and perspectives to provide you with the consulting and coaching you need to achieve great results.

Insights and ideas are most powerful when they can be applied with understanding of the very particular challenges faced by nonprofits today. Through our extensive experience working with a wide variety of nonprofit organizations and government agencies, our consultants are extremely familiar with the obstacles and opportunities you face.

Our Consulting Team provides a wide range of consulting services. Find out more about who we are and what we do:

Abe Conway, Technology Manager & Consultant
Adrienne Graham, Senior Consultant in Central Oregon
Alexis Millett, Consultant
Cliff Jones, Senior Consultant
Sara Curiel Paez, Senior Consultant
Wenda Tai, Senior Consultant

Consulting services are available only to NAO Members. Not a member? Join today! Questions on rates or availability of our consulting services, please contact and let us know what type of services you are requesting. Also give us an overview of your situation and what is prompting the request.