NAO Update: June 17, 2021

We’ve nearly reached the beginning of summer and we are within just a hair’s width percentage from Governor Brown’s goal of 70% vaccinations and the end of state-wide restrictions due to the pandemic. As I am sure you are, I am really ready for a normal summer where I can enjoy seeing people that I haven’t for over a year (the 3-D version of them, not Zoom screen version). As I mentioned last week, we at NAO are back in our office in a modified, hybrid model that balances working from home flexibility with the need for direct meetings and discussions that are the life-blood of relationships and trust. We have also been talking to you all across the state and hearing your needs, concerns, hopes and aspirations.

I had the chance last week and earlier this week to meet (in person!) with nonprofit leaders in Jackson and Deschutes counties. Every time I talk to one of you, I am reminded of the of the critical role nonprofits play in that vital work. For instance, the recovery efforts underway in Phoenix and Talent are truly impressive and inspiring! The desire to build collaborations to meet the housing challenges in the greater Bend is innovative and community-driven. There is so much our state needs and nonprofits are leading the way - as always!

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NAO Update: June 10, 2021

This week, our entire NAO team was able to come back into the office – it was wonderful to gather as a full staff for the first time in over a year! Being all together in our office has been a nice reminder that while technology has provided a way for us all to work remotely, attend events, and connect with colleagues all over the world – nothing will replace the ability to meet in person to collaborate and connect. 

I’m excited to announce that NAO’s 2021 Compensation and Benefits report is now available! Within this report, you’ll find a treasure trove of information about compensation and benefits across the state and sector. This data was collected from 230 charitable nonprofits throughout Oregon and is intended to provide nonprofits with an essential tool to assist in creating or updating compensation and benefits policies and practices. This year's report is especially important when thinking about how to move forward after such a turbulent and difficult 2020. Our Compensation and Benefits Report is a valuable resource for nonprofit organizations of all sizes – I encourage you all to purchase a copy and use it as a guide to help your leadership make informed strategic decisions.

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NAO Update: June 3, 2021

Happy Pride Month! June is dedicated to celebrating the LGBTQ+ members of our communities as well as promoting equal rights for all. Pride Month began as a way to commemorate the 1969 Stonewall Riots in Manhattan and has continued every year since.   

When Pride is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is often the Pride Parades that are held around the country – in large cities and in rural areas – they're often a lot of fun and full of joy. If you’ve never attended a Pride Parade, try to seek one out this year. In addition to the parades and celebrations happening nationwide, many nonprofit organizations are hosting Pride events, volunteer opportunities, educational sessions, and more. June is a great month to get to know the nonprofit organizations in your neighborhood who serve the LGBTQ+ communities. I encourage you to get to know their work and get involved however you can. There are many great organizations to choose from, Basic Rights Oregon provides a ton of information about how you can help the LGBTQ+ community in Oregon – if you’re looking to learn more or to help, Basic Rights Oregon is a great place to start. 

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