NAO's 2021 Compensation & Benefits Survey

Thank you to all 501c3 organizations that participated in NAO's 2021 Compensation and Benefits Survey! 

Your input is valuable and helps us paint the best picture when it comes to compensation and benefits strategies of Oregon's nonprofits.

Why is this survey important?

  1. Your organization's employees are its greatest asset. How you compensate your greatest asset impacts your organization's overall performance.
  2. The use of this survey is key to evaluating your organization's compensation and benefits strategy to help attract and retain the best talent.

Information about employee compensation and benefits is one of the top requests we get at NAO. Based on the requests we received, we acknowledge that last year's crises have made considerable impacts to nonprofits with regard to compensation and benefits. In response to your needs, we are launching this survey to provide timely and relevant information — focused on nonprofits — by your own nonprofit state association.

Is this survey confidential?

Absolutely. All data will be anonymized for reporting purposes. Any organizational identifiers will be kept separate from sensitive data and will only be used to:

  • help screen for duplicates
  • determine whether or not your organization will receive a participation discount.

What can I do to prepare?

Take a look at this 2021 Compensation & Benefits Preparation Checklist to get started.

When will the report be published?

The Compensation & Benefits Survey Report is scheduled for release in spring of 2021.

Pricing is still yet to be determined — we acknowledge that nonprofits still continue to experience significant impacts from the past year and we will continue to keep this in mind as we release the report. Survey participants will receive a special discount. NAO members will also receive an automatic discount — Become a member today!

Can I still access the 2020 report?

Absolutely! Click here to find information about NAO's 2020 Oregon Nonprofit Compensation and Benefits Report.

For additional questions, please contact NAO Membership at