Our Public Policy Goals

We build the capacity of the nonprofit sector in Oregon to monitor and take action on public policies that affect the sector as a whole. Our Public Policy Committee directs our work in this area, in consultation with our membership. In addition to engaging in legislative and electoral activities, we believe that promoting the good works of nonprofits through outreach to the media and opinion leaders is also an important advocacy function.

Specifically, we aim to:

  • Encourage and support nonprofit engagement in the public policy process at local, state, and national levels.
  • Provide nonprofits effective advocacy training and skill building opportunities.
  • Build a unified voice for the sector on matters affecting all nonprofits and use that voice to inform decision makers.
  • Increase respect and support for the nonprofit community among elected officials, opinion leaders, and the general public in Oregon.

The Power of Nonprofit Advocacy

The Nonprofit Association of Oregon supports the advocacy rights of nonprofits, and believes that they can and should participate in public policy dialogue that affects their organization, community, and the people they serve.

Nonprofits can add rich perspective to policy debates if they advocate, and advance their missions while doing so. The National Council of Nonprofits points out:

“Advocacy is deeply-rooted in nonprofits’ DNA. From before the time our nation was formed through today, citizens—recognizing there is power in numbers—have assembled in groups to influence public policy…Hardly an aspect of American life is untouched by the efforts of past generations who assembled through nonprofit organizations to, among other things: lobby for environmental protections that produced cleaner air to breathe and purer water to drink; launch campaigns to secure government investments in research to eradicate devastating diseases; push for enforcement of drunk driving laws to protect innocent people on roadways; pass child labor laws; and enact food safety laws. That tradition lives on today as citizens have banded together through nonprofits to continue to influence public policy.”

Policy Alerts & Briefs: Our policy alerts educate and inform our readers about policy matters that impact our sector, and mobilize the sector should a call to action be necessary. We also issue policy briefs that explain current policy matters, why we support them (or don’t), how they align with our policy goals and agenda, and their most recent status.

Find past policy alerts and briefs that are of interest to the nonprofit sector. Public Policy Alert & Brief Archive

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