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Join NAO's Policy Leadership Council


NAO is seeking interested individuals to be a part of our new Policy Leadership Council (PLC). The PLC will guide the public policy activities of the Nonprofit Association of Oregon and is in keeping with our values of collaboration and inclusion of the voices of our nonprofit members. The work of the PLC is done in consultation with and under the guidance of the NAO Public Policy Committee.

Goals of the Policy Leadership Council

The goals of the Policy Leadership Council, as a body of leaders with direct professional or volunteer experience in the nonprofit sector, are to provide a platform that:

  • Identifies relevant policy and resource challenges the nonprofit sector faces;
  • Develops policy solutions on a range of challenges that face nonprofits;
  • Advocates for those policy solutions; and
  • Provides strategic guidance on policy options where there are potential trade-offs and/or costs and benefits.

Composition of Policy Leadership Council

The Policy Leadership Council will be comprised of:

  • NAO Public Policy Committee members;
  • Up to 25 Nonprofit leaders (501c3 organizations domiciled in Oregon to include foundations) that represent diverse constituencies across different nonprofit fields, cultural focus, and geography.

Qualifications of Policy Leadership Council

NAO encourages any interested nonprofit leaders to become a part of the Policy Leadership Council. Qualifications are:

  • Nonprofit Member of NAO;
  • Agreement with NAO’s public policy principles and guidelines (see attached);
  • Regular attendance of Policy Leadership Council during the two-year term; and
  • Experience working for or serving on the board with a nonprofit.

Application Process

Interested individuals can send an email with a brief bio and a request for a questionnaire application to NAO’s Public Policy Director Phillip Kennedy Wong at [email protected]. A virtual or in-person informal interview will be scheduled.