NAO's 2021 Oregon Nonprofit
Compensation & Benefits Report


What is the 2021 Oregon Nonprofit Compensation & Benefits Report?

In response to a groundswell of requests from nonprofits across the state, NAO's 2021 Oregon Nonprofit Compensation & Benefits Report analyzes information shared by 230 charitable 501(c)(3) nonprofits throughout Oregon. After an unprecedented 2020, the use of this survey is key to evaluating your organization’s compensation and benefits strategy to help attract and retain the best talent. Produced by your own nonprofit state association, this report should be used as one resource to determine appropriate compensation and benefits levels for staff, in addition to many others including equity, skill level, budget, etc. 

Download the free Executive Summary for a snapshot of key report findings.

What does the full report include?

  • An electronic copy of the report, including a list of job positions, their definitions and corresponding wages
  • Access to an online interactive Tableau dashboard that allows you to drill down into details and cross reference compensation and benefits data by budget size, number of employees, primary area of focus, and geographic region
  • Information on how COVID-19 impacted fiscal performance, staff retention, compensation and benefits at nonprofit organizations

How can the report help me?

  • Provides nonprofits with a tool to determine competitive salary and benefit packages to attract and retain employees
  • Understand how your organization's compensation and benefits compare with others in your city, county, and Oregon as a whole
  • Validates best practices used by you and your nonprofit when it comes to formal compensation and benefits strategies

How much is the report?

Nonprofit 501(c)(3)
NAO Nonprofit Member: $50 (to access your discount, contact Non-member: $150
NAO Affiliate Member: $125 Non-member: $250

Did you participate in the survey? 

Participants receive an additional discount on the full report. For information on how to access your discount, contact

Past Reports

  • 2020 Report - This report is based on data from 266 participating 501(c)(3) nonprofit respondents.  The data in this report relates to and analyzes the information shared by the 266 participating 501(c)(3) nonprofit respondents. They shared information covering 11,300 full-time employees and more than 3,600 part-time employees across 48 distinct employed positions. Click here to learn more.


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