Looking for consulting services to support your nonprofit?

The Nonprofit Association of Oregon provides consulting services to 501(c)(3) nonprofits of all sizes and in all stages of development – emerging, established and those in transition. As Oregon’s nonprofit membership association and a leader in nonprofit capacity building for 40 years, NAO approaches consulting with expertise, integrity and respect for each client.

Why choose NAO?

NAO has a proven record of working successfully with Oregon nonprofits. As the statewide membership organization serving Oregon’s nonprofit sector, NAO is uniquely positioned to provide expert consulting services to nonprofits, no matter its size, subsector, challenges and opportunities. NAO brings strategic perspectives and promising practices to their clients, with the breadth and depth of knowledge needed to serve.

NAO’s consultants are experienced and skilled professionals who actively work in the nonprofit sector. They bring a strong commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in every consulting engagement, understanding the challenges and opportunities unique to Oregon’s rural and urban communities. Clients consistently express satisfaction and appreciation for the demonstrated strategic outcomes their organizations have experienced as a result of NAO consulting.

NAO knows that every organization’s needs are unique, so we work with our clients to develop a consulting engagement that meets their desired goals and outcomes, is flexible with their timelines, and works with their budgets.

In-depth consulting expertise

With over 40 years’ experience partnering with nonprofit organizations, foundations, and government agencies, NAO brings substantial expertise to every consulting engagement. Our consulting team works with hundreds of nonprofits each year in core organizational development, as well as customized approaches that build nonprofit capacity.

Expansive consulting services

NAO provides a wide range of consulting services to support nonprofits through every life cycle stage. We bring the expertise needed to effectively guide an organization, develop strategic plans for the future, and navigate changes.

Organizational Development Consulting
Our consulting team has extensive practical experience, diverse cultural backgrounds and impeccable educational qualifications. Below is a sample of consulting services that NAO offers:

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion training and coaching
  • Board training and development
  • Organizational assessments
  • Strategic planning
  • Fund development
  • Culturally responsive consulting
  • Succession planning

Executive Transition Services
NAO has an experienced quality network of Associate Consultants that provide specialized services to support organizations in times of transition. NAO’s Executive Transition Services include:

  • Interim Executive Director
  • Interim Development Director
  • Executive Search
  • Succession Planning

Interim Executive Director Services
NAO’s Interim Executive Directors have served in executive and board roles. They bring practical leadership and organizational development expertise to support nonprofits’ needs. NAO’s team is equipped to:

  • Sustain and support day-to-day operations
  • Assess organizational needs and clarify priorities
  • Work with board and staff to ensure continuity of development activities and other time-sensitive projects
  • Assess and report to the board on the organization’s overall operations
  • Guide board and staff in moving towards transition
  • Prepare the groundwork for the new executive leader

Interim Development Director Services
Fundraising cannot stop because an organization is experiencing a transition. A seasoned Interim Development Director brings a fresh perspective and a sense of possibility to organizational development efforts. An NAO Interim Developement Director will work with your organization to:

  • Assess current fundraising needs and activities
  • Develop a plan to improve and recharge fundraising efforts
  • Create a culture of philanthropy that engages staff and volunteers
  • Improve development systems and processes
  • Pave the way for future development efforts

Executive Search Services
An executive transition is an opportunity to take stock, identify leadership needs, recruit strategically and onboard carefully. NAO brings unique expertise, extensive connections and a nonprofit lens to finding the right leader with the right set of skills and experience for your organization. NAO’s Executive Search team provides:

  • Track record of successful placements of executive leaders in organizations of all sizes and life-cycle stage
  • Extensive knowledge of search tactics to attract a qualified, diverse candidate pool
  • Collaborative approach that leverages the skills and knowledge of your board and staff
  • Commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Ensure a strong match/fit between the organization and prospective executive
  • Strategic onboarding to support the incoming executive

What Our Clients Say

  • Working with NAO to find our new CEO was the best decision we could have made. It was amazing how many of the candidates commented that this was the best search in which they had ever participated. They commented they felt fully informed throughout the process, appreciated and respected. Thank you!
    MetroEast Community Media
  • We had a fantastic experience using NAO for hiring a new executive director for our organization. Our consultant helped us every step of the way and provided exceptional guidance and support. Our hiring process was organized and professional thanks to our consultant and we were able to hire the right person for the job. We could not have done it without the outstanding work and assistance of NAO.
    Columbia Empire Volleyball Association
  • I am so grateful that my Board of Directors hired NAO to facilitate a national CEO search. This was the best search I have ever experienced in my 30-year career. It embodied excellent communications and best practices from the recruitment stage through onboarding… I am now in a once-in-a-lifetime CEO position. My career arc has been transformed by this positive experience.
    MetroEast Community Media
  • NAO adjusted to the needs of our small organization so that we could accomplish our goals. Their process allowed our organizational culture to thrive... Our consultant simply used who we are as an organization to help us find the right fit.
    Innovative Changes
  • Our consultant worked gracefully and seamlessly with our search committee, full board, and executive committee to help us determine what qualities we were seeking in a new executive director and to realize a process that would help us find that person. They walked the line beautifully between providing information and helping us to discover our needs organically. We could not have accomplished our search without NAO.
    American Civil Liberties Union, Oregon
  • NAO did an excellent job of facilitating our executive search, as we worked to fill the vacancy left by our retiring Executive Director. Their staff and program met our boards every expectation and helped us to successfully accomplish our goals and more.
    The Inn

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NAO’s consulting services are offered exclusively to NAO’s 501(c)(3) nonprofit members. In addition to accessing these wide-ranging and expert consulting services, NAO members enjoy resources, access to professional development events, digital and printed publications, cost-saving benefits and networking activities. Membership is based on an organization’s operating budget size.

To receive a preliminary service quote, complete and attached this consulting services request form to consulting@nonprofitoregon.org. A member of the consulting team will be in touch with you within 3-5 business days.

To learn about NAO’s consulting services, contact: consulting@nonprofitoregon.org

To learn about NAO membership, contact: membership@nonprofitoregon.org