Organizations and the individuals who work for them thrive when they discover, understand, and apply their individual and collective strengths. We believe that everyone brings knowledge and insight to the table and that effective facilitation can bring them into focus. Engaging an outside facilitator can help your meetings and retreats run smoothly, stay focused, and achieve great results. Our consulting team is composed of highly skilled facilitators able to guide an inclusive process for collaborative thinking, group learning, conflict resolution, consensus building, and problem-solving. Whatever your organization’s focus area, our facilitators are masterful at setting the tone and creating a safe environment for everyone to participate. We can keep the process moving while ensuring that participants are involved and engaged. We can help with:

  • Critical Board meetings
  • Staff meetings or retreats
  • Conflict resolution
  • Team building
  • Collaborative meetings between multiple organizations
  • Strategic planning
  • Fund development planning

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