For nonprofit leaders, establishing a shared vision for your organization and developing a plan of action to get there is a critical responsibility. Strategic planning is crucial in making your mission actionable. It sets clear goals, which allow you to measure your progress, and helps make a compelling case for funding. It focuses the work done by your Board, staff, and volunteers. It answers the essential questions of “what we do” and “why we’re doing it.”

Strategic planning at its best engages a wide variety of organizational perspectives, as well as the views of outside stakeholders. Bringing all of these voices together to create a cohesive and dynamic plan can be complex. Our consultants are experienced in facilitation, development, and implementation of strategic plans that advance your organization at every stage of organizational development.

Our consultants will work with your Board and staff leadership to:

  • Design the planning process
  • Conduct an organizational assessment
  • Gather information and consult on data collection
  • Facilitate planning team and full Board sessions to develop your mission, vision, and values
  • Connect finances and operations to strategic goals
  • Provide coaching in the development of the final plan document
  • Establish internal reporting process to monitor progress

Our consultants are trained to work with diverse Boards, and they are familiar with a variety of planning methods and tools that can be customized to meet your needs. Your planning process can take a week or six months, can involve hundreds of stakeholders or a small core group. We will help you decide what process will work best for your nonprofit.

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