NAO is excited to share two certificate programs: Financial Success for Nonprofits and Conflict Resolution for Leaders in partnership with eCornell – Cornell University’s online learning platform. Oregonians across the state now have the opportunity to access high-quality, flexible and affordable online certificate programs. NAO is thrilled to be able to bring these two programs in collaboration with eCornell as its first nonprofit sector partner in the country. You can finish either certificates in as little as two months!

Financial Success for Nonprofits Certificate

The nonprofit world is changing fast. While competition for donors and clients heats up, organizations are being asked to focus on results. Because of this, demand is high in the nonprofit sector for financial leadership.

The Certificate in Nonprofit Financial Success prepares nonprofit leaders and aspiring leaders to focus on mission while achieving financial sustainability. Whether you're working at a well-established nonprofit or a startup, Professor Grasso’s experience as a nonprofit leader prepares you to use financial statements and ratios, establish board governance and strategic leadership, raise funds and generate alternative revenue sources, and make strategic programmatic changes. Note this program is offered for nonprofit leaders.

The courses in this certificate will equip you to:

  • Use accounting statements and financial analysis to assess the financial strength of your organization.
  • Maintain the financial health and equilibrium of an organization through appropriate use of budgeting, financing and cash-flow management.
  • Obtain financial backing and community support through fundraising and alternative revenue sources.
  • Build, manage, and lead organizational governance through the lifecycle of the organization.
  • Cornell's College of Human Ecology will also give .6 Professional Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to each student who successfully completes each course. A total of 2.4 CEUs.

Click here to learn more about the Financial Success for Nonprofits certificate. 

Conflict Resolution for Leaders Certificate

Effective conflict management is an essential skill for every leader and aspiring leader. When harnessed productively, conflict can be a force to build both company culture and competitive advantage. This certificate will equip you to surface issues within your workplace and successfully navigate challenging conversations with direct reports, peers, or supervisors where emotions run high and positive outcomes are critical. You’ll master the skills needed to assess, scope, and diagnose issues from all sides, understand different personal styles, and implement a proven problem-solving approach to find workable resolutions that strengthen relationships and results. Students who successfully complete all 4 courses in this certificate program receive a Conflict Resolution Certificate from Cornell University’s ILR School.

Note this program is encouraged to anyone managing teams, supervising employees, and interacting in professional settings who needs to more effectively resolve conflict. 

The courses in this certificate will equip you to:

  • Identify the factors contributing to a conflict or challenging conversation, taking your lens and the other party’s lens into consideration.
  • Practice basic question techniques to check your conflict diagnosis.
  • Recognize the effect of conflict styles and strategically select the best approach for a given situation.
  • Determine the problem, interests, and criteria for successful resolution.
  • Separate out performance issues and conflicts that need stronger action.
  • Practice facilitating a challenging conversation that maintains civility and fosters positive outcomes.
  • Define next steps and follow-up needed after a challenging conversation.

Click here to learn more about the Conflict Resolution for Leaders certificate.


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Choose your course start dates and complete each course within two weeks. You are required to complete all four courses within a year to receive a certificate in either Financial Success for Nonprofits Certificate or Conflict Resolution for Leaders from NAO and eCornell University.

Tuition: $2,100

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If you have any questions about courses or having trouble registering, please contact or by calling 503-239-4001 x127.