A Message From NAO

The Nonprofit Association of Oregon’s mission is to build the collective voice, leadership, and capacity of nonprofits to enrich the lives of all Oregonians. We believe the nonprofit sector strengthens the fabric of our democracy and our communities by creating many public benefits. We believe that nonprofits have the ability to help our society to address inequities and to create innovative solutions to community issues.

As an organization meant to create public benefit, we recognize that our communities are diverse and so are the needs and aspirations of the people we serve. Incorporating an Equity and Inclusion Lens into how we plan and deliver programs and services and how we support nonprofit organizations, not only helps us remain relevant, meaningful and effective but ensures that we are doing so in a way that thoughtfully engages and includes individuals and communities who have been historically excluded.

This lens was adapted with the generous permission from the City of Ottawa and the City for All Women Initiative from their 2018 Equity and Inclusion Lens Handbook and related tools and resources. NAO requested permission to adapt this tool with the intention of sharing it with our members as a resource. We are just applying this lens within our own organization. Through refining and piloting this lens in our work, we commit to:

  • Take positive steps to remove systemic barriers and promote inclusion;
  • Achieve improved satisfaction of our work and services;
  • Create a more positive and respectful work environment; and
  • Generate better solutions by incorporating diverse perspectives.

We hope that you will find NAO’s Equity & Inclusion Lens Guide a useful resource and incorporate it in your daily work and reflect it in your goals and outcomes. Thank you for your commitment to a thriving and equitable nonprofit sector!




Brad Russell, Board President
Nancy Arriaga Ramirez, Past President and
Jim White, Executive Director