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Workshop Training or Seminar

Art Saved My LIfe

Curious Comedy Theater 5225 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd

About this event

Are you living as a means to an end, or as a means to your truth? This interactive workshop will help you process and explore your yearnings to do what you love so you can live authentically, centered and unapologetically creative in every way. We will explore and learn from other artists who were willing to shake off the residue of conformity for comfort’s sake in order to experience not only the width but also the depth of their lived experiences. We’ll do a few writing exercises that help us figure out whether we really know how to recognize our own voice. And we’ll have fun debating the answers to a couple strange questions that will make us think, explore and laugh a whole bunch. Art saved my life. Where is yours headed?

Presenter: S. Renee Mitchell is an award-winning writer, multi-media artist and teacher/facilitator.
She is an organized problem-solver who thrives on challenges and the privilege of promoting community building via the arts.
Renee’s more than 25 years of journalism experience has groomed her exceptional communication, analytical and grant-writing skills. Yet, she is also a community grounded visionary, often gifting her talents as a poet, playwright, performer, and self-taught graphic designer. Her deepest desire is to help others use their creativity to let go, gather up and move on.