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Workshop Training or Seminar

Art of Breathing - Health Assurance

Unity Church of Grants Pass 1027 Southeast M Street
Event Contact Person: Mayana
Grants Pass

About this event

Revive . . . Renew . . . Regenerate
Art of Breathing . . . Health Assurance and Inspiration

Learn self-healing through breathing exercises in a relaxed environment. Kriya Yoga is the original yoga of breath. These exercises may be done sitting in a chair and offer healing to individuals of all ability levels.

Breath and Emotion ~ Energy in Motion: Health is a peaceful state of being. Every emotion has a corresponding breath.

Art of Breathing practices touch and soothe each emotion to eliminate stress. Breathing exercises combined with wisdom teachings, allow cellular, emotional and mental change. By experiencing stillness inside, we become aware of where energy is blocked in the body and learn practices that release those blocks and allow peace to flow.

Why Art of Breathing? Recent scientific studies have revealed that an impaired vagus nerve is responsible for many stress related illnesses such as depression, panic disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, panic disorders, violent mood swings, Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia, early Alzheimer’s and obesity. Art of Breathing exercises will relieve symptoms of these disorders.

Self-Healing for All:
Art of Breathing exercises restore balance between body, mind and spirit. Specifically they can heal the Vagus Nerve — the main nerve in our body that runs between the medulla and the gut. These exercises, combined with wisdom and conscious intention, are the most important thing we can do for our being. True health comes to us as we breathe with awareness for the purpose of self-healing. Whether the healing is physical, mental or emotional, Art of Breathing will support your health.