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Workshop Training or Seminar

Eliminating Structural Racism and Strategies for Structural Transformation Towards Racial Equity

OMSI Bridge Lot 1945 SE Water Avenue

About this event

Facilitator/Trainer- Scott Winn

Sponsored by WVDO and Grantmakers of Oregon and SW Washington

This workshop will support participants in understanding the importance of utilizing a structural lens in efforts to create racial equity. We will deepen our understanding of our own positionalities/identities in relation to doing equity work across multiple oppressions. We will explore a framework for racial justice work that moves beyond merely valuing racial diversity to creating racial equity. We will look at assessing institutions in their process of becoming anti-racist, and strategies for transformation. We will look at racial equity impact assessment tools being utilized to transform policies, practices and programs towards the creation of racial equity.

Goals and Objectives

  • Understanding the difference between approaches of colorblindness, diversity, and cultural competency, with strategies for challenging oppression to create racial equity.
  • Understanding the connections between individual, institutional and structural racism- and strategies for making a collective impact to create racial equity on a structural level.
  • Explore principles for engaging in racial equity work as individuals who are targeted and privileged by oppression.
  • Engage in an anti-racist organizational assessment and explore strategies for transforming to become an anti-racist, multicultural organization.
  • Explore using racial equity impact assessment tools to analyze and transform policies and practices to support the creation of racial equity.

Online registration is available until: 5/13/2015
Member Price: $55
Non-Member Price: $75

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