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Workshop Training or Seminar

Restorative Justice – Guiding Principles for Communities and Organizations

Event Contact Person: Delayne Portland

About this event

This event is provided by Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute Inc.

How do we respond meaningfully to harmful or criminal actions? Based on the
principles of restorative justice, this workshop offers a framework for answering this question in your own context. The timeless philosophy of restorative justice invites people to look beyond a merely punitive view of justice and discipline. Instead, it focuses on the needs of everyone involved, emphasizing direct accountability, reparation, prevention, dialogue and, in some cases, renewed relationship. If you work in a community, school, government or other organizational setting and make decisions about how to respond to harmful actions, this workshop will provide you with insights for incorporating restorative justice principles into your environment. This training is offered in partnership with the the Fraser Region Community Justice Initiatives.