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Negotiating a Federal Indirect Cost Rate: Step by Step Guide to Preparing Your Indirect Cost Rate Proposal

About this event

This event is produced in partnership with CalNonprofits and the Center for Nonprofit Management. Registration is through the CalNonprofits website.


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In Session 3 we’ll start with the reality that thousands of nonprofits have negotiated formal indirect cost rates with the federal government, frequently allowing them rates of 20% and 30%, which must then be applied to all government contracts involving federal funds (such as pass-throughs). But the process is mysterious and daunting. This session explains the steps in practical terms. If you don’t have a negotiated rate, what you’ll need to have in place, how long it will take and of particular importance: how to determine whether it will be worth the time and effort.

About the Series

This webinar is part of the Get Your Overhead Funded webinar series. The new OMB (Office of Management and Budget) Uniform Guidance mandates a minimum of 10% overhead in government-nonprofit contracts that include federal dollars, along with other changes in direct/indirect cost classification and approved purchasing procedures. CalNonprofits, the Center for Nonprofit Management, and the Nonprofit Association of Oregon present a series of 3 webinars designed to help nonprofits get their overhead funded. All trainings will be conducted by Kay Sohl of Kay Sohl Consulting. This series will assist nonprofit accountants and CFO’s with the best strategies for navigating these new regulations and understanding overhead.

About the Presenter

Kay Sohl

Kay Sohl is a licensed Public Accountant who has devoted the last several years to helping nonprofits and government navigate the financial aspects of their relationships. She combines a deep background in community nonprofits with technical financial expertise and unusual ability to make financial concepts easy to understand and usable.
“Kay is one of the few people who understand the economic AND political nuances of government-nonprofit contracting. She helped us untie knots that were keeping us from smarter partnerships.” —Susan Hannibal, Program Manager, Department of Social and Health Services, State of Washington


Full 3-Session Series

$63.75 NAO Members

$85 Nonmembers

Individual sessions are also available for $26.25 NAO Members and $35 Nonmembers.


NAO Members get 25% off by using the discount code on NAO’s Member Only Page. You must be logged in to access this page.