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Webinar: Disaster Planning and Recovery

Event Contact Person: Chloe Simpson

About this event

This event is provided by Heffernan Insurance Brokers

On behalf of Heffernan, please join us for this interactive and formative

Emergencies, Crisis and Disasters; The Changing Role of Today’s Risk
Management Professional

Disasters that threaten a business operation can come in all forms. Disaster Preparedness is the first step in identifying what may cause harm to your business. Business Continuity is also critical to ensuring that critical business functions are prioritized and managed to continue operations. This presentation will be an overview of business continuity management strategies that identifies potential external and internal threats to an organization and their impacts to business operations. The Risk Managers role is key in determining what those threats may be and implementing appropriate controls. This presentation / workshop will give participants the tools needed to identify potential threats such as natural, human, technological and contingent; and develop an action plan that will enable their organization to better implement their respective business continuity plans. In addition we will also examine the role of social media and the rise of “citizen journalism” that may impact a company’s ability to effectively recover from an event.