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2016 Annual Alliance Summit - Not Your Mother's Nonprofit

Resort at the Mountain 68010 E Fairway Avenue
Event Contact Person: Veronica Garcia

About this event

This event is provided by Oregon Alliance of Children’s Programs

Vu Le’s vision for the culture of nonprofits and leadership is a provocative new direction, challenging the nonprofit norms of organizations who struggle to thrive against all odds. He is changing those odds — as the voice that is naming the challenges we all face — with frankness and freshness. His blog, “Nonprofit with Balls,” is filled with humor, candor and bold myth-smashing of an obsolete model for nonprofit culture that desperately needs revamped vision and practices.

His suggested paradigm shifts target individual and community actions to
increase impact, diversity & inclusion, and profit.

With his humor, vision and candor, Vu Le’s sessions are not only great for
nonprofits, they are transferable to any individual or sector who wants to
see success with programs for children and youth. Come see how you can change the nonprofit paradigm – no matter how you’re connected to the nonprofit world!