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Alameda Ridge Stairs - Native Planting

4317 NE Wistaria Event Contact Person: Kaleen Boyle

About this event

This event is provided by SOLVE

This project will start the healing process for one of the finest public stairways in the City of Portland. It has been neglected and was once taken over by ivy and laurel. The invasive species have been cleaned up and now it is time to plant native plants in the beds along the stairs. Nearly 500 native plants that include favorites like sword fern, evergreen huckleberry, mock orange and snowberry need to be planted. It will be great fun with hot
and cold beverages, pastries, tools and gloves provided. As a part of the cleanup of invasive species and planting of native plants, we will apply to the Backyard Habitat program to be a certified Backyard Habitat. This could be the first public space to be certified through that program. We hope it will encourage surrounding landowners to also become certified. Activities include: Native Planting.