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Workshop Training or Seminar

Advanced Development Series: Social Enterprise for Nonprofit Organizations

WVDO at the Terminal Sales Building 1220 SW Morrison St
Event Contact Person: Melanie Shaw

About this event

This event is provided by WVDO

Social Enterprise for Non-Profit Organizations

Earned revenue is a natural complement to private philanthropy, helping
nonprofits increase income through work that both meets their mission and is
sale-able in the marketplace. This workshop will introduce leaders and
decision-makers in your organization to the benefits and risks of creating an
earned income social enterprise venture, and help them set realistic
expectations around the prospects. The session will also present tools for
assessing an organization’s readiness to move into a full business planning

Event Cost:

$20 WVDO Members
$40 Non-Members


Allison Handler, Solid Ground Consulting

A former land use planner with an MS in environmental studies, Allison has 20
years of experience with organizations dedicated to land conservation,
affordable housing, and community development. Over the past several years,
she has worked extensively with community land trusts around the country to
develop social enterprise ideas and assess their readiness to implement them.

John Miller, Social Enterprise Solutions

John has worked in and with non-profit organizations for 20 years, including
leading a number of organizations that successfully used social enterprises
to forward their missions in the workforce and housing arenas. Prior to that,
John led both startup and established companies in the for-profit sector.
John is a passionate advocate of social enterprise and enjoys sharing his
experience, knowledge, and lessons learned with others who are contemplating
a new venture or working to improve an existing social enterprise.

Roy Soards, Social Enterprise Solutions

For over two decades, Roy Soards has been meshing market-based business
practices with the missions of social change organizations, helping to
alleviate poverty and create employment opportunities for the disadvantaged.
His purpose and passion is creating new revenue sources via the sale and
delivery of products and services, and in the process creating job
opportunities for individuals left out of our economic mainstream. Working
for organizations that were completely dependent on always shifting public
funding caused him to start seeking ways for organizations to become more
economically self-sufficient while remaining true to mission.