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Part 2: Clarifying and Communicating the Full Cost of Specific Services

Lincoln Building, Oak Room (1st Floor) 421 SW Oak Street

About this event

This event is provided by Multnomah County ADVSD to organizations who could provide services to seniors and people with physical disabilities.

A series of free training events for organizations of all sizes and strengths that are interested in providing services that promote independence, dignity, and choice for people with physical disabilities ages 18-59 and for all people age 60+.

This second session in a three-part series is designed to help nonprofits identify the full cost of providing specific services, including the direct costs and fair shares of the common costs and administrative costs that are necessary to deliver effective services and ensure accountability. Multnomah County ADVSD is offering this free workshop series to help nonprofit organizations that are considering responding to the anticipated Request for Proposal Qualifications RFPQ process to select service providers to partner with the county to deliver specific services.

Part 1 of the series was cut short by the December 14th weather emergency. Part 2, will include the cost allocation and indirect cost rate topics that had originally been planned for part 1. Part 2 of the series has been expanded to provide enough time to cover that information plus provide more in-depth discussion of some of the challenges nonprofits may encounter as they work to provide financial information in response to the RVPQ. We have redesigned Part 2 to be useful to both those who were able to attend the short session on December 14th and those who did not attend the December 14th workshop.

Topics for Part 2 will include:

  • Step guidance to accurately estimate what it would cost your nonprofit to provide specific services
  • Cost allocation and indirect cost rate challenges – how to deal with costs that support more than one service or function, such as accounting, technology, rent, utilities, telephones, computers
  • How to communicate the full cost of services in responses to RFPQs
  • How to ensure adequate funding to develop and maintain the infrastructure that is essential to successful service delivery




  • Responding to an RFP or RFPQ from local government entity
  • Multnomah County Procurement Process and Responsible Business Practices for RFPs/RFPQs