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Workshop Training or Seminar

Introduction to Restorative Justice in Schools

Resolutions Northwest 2538 NE Broadway, Suite A (2nd floor)
Event Contact Person: Gabriele Ross

About this event

This event is provided by Resolutions Northwest

Explore why and how Restorative Justice can be a promising alternative to
exclusionary practices.

Wednesday and Friday, March 15th and 17th, from 9:00am – 4:00pm
This is a two-day training on Wednesday and Friday. No training Thursday.

“It was a great balance of circle, lecture, group work and movement. The
topic had me 100% engaged.”
Restorative Justice is a valuable alternative to exclusionary practices. It
seeks to restore community and repair harm while holding all involved
accountable. Unacceptably high school push-out rates disproportionately
affect students of color, students with disabilities and youth who identify
as LGBT.

We will explore why and how Restorative Justice can be a promising
alternative to current exclusionary discipline practices in schools.
Restorative Justice is not a prescribed program but a philosophy based on
community building and repairing harm. We will discuss the components that
can make the approach successful such as circles, restorative inquiries and
dialogs, community service and mediation. We look at possibilities for
implementation that are open to classroom teachers and other school
personnel. While doing so we will keep a keen eye on equity issues. The
workshop will be a combination of lecture, discussions, videos and hands-on
practice activities.

This training focuses on Restorative Justice in schools. We particularly
invite and encourage school counselors, behavior specialists, administrators,
teachers, security personnel, and those studying to work in schools.