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Lobbying, Electioneering & PACs for Nonprofits


About this event

Thanks to our affiliation with the National Council of Nonprofits and PANO (Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations), this webinar is available to Oregon nonprofits.

With election-year activity dominating the news as we move toward November, nonprofits, and particularly charities, are concerned about what they may and may not do to influence elections and public policy. This webinar will discuss those issues with particular emphasis on the limitations on lobbying and electioneering by 501(c)(3) charities, including:

  • How charities can lose their federal income tax exemption if they participate in political campaigns and the type of activity that the IRS views as participation
  • Voter registration drives and efforts to get out the vote on election day
  • Political action committees and the legality and wisdom of charities supporting them
  • How charities may take positions on legislative issues and why they may not be doing their job if they fail to do so
  • How limitations on charities contrast to the relative freedom for participation by 501(c)(4) advocacy groups and 501(c)(6) trade associations and why charities may want to create affiliates to promote their programs separately

Special thanks to PANO for making this webinar available to NAO Members and to nonprofits throughout Oregon!

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