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Cyber Liability and Best Practices

ONLINE WEBINAR Event Contact Person: Chloe Simpson

About this event

This event is provided by Heffernan Insurance Brokers

Cyber exposures are one of the top risk concerns for companies. A recent
survey of insureds by AIG found that 86% rated cyber risk as their top
concern. Cyber threats are constantly changing. Just within the past year
ransomware has been successfully used on over 3,000,000 computers in the US
alone and social engineering tricks are successfully scamming corporations
out of millions of dollars. At the same time business trends such as
increased use of cloud computing and BYOD programs, while popular with
businesses for obvious financial reasons, are leaving more corporate data
exposed than ever before.

In this interactive presentation we will discuss the following:

• The continuing evolution of insurance coverage for network security
• Emerging cyber-threats including use of subcontractors, social media and
cloud computing
• Government and industry responses to cyber-risks
• Costs associated with data breaches
• How corporations can mitigate cyber-risks
• Insurance products for cyber-exposure