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Active Shooter - Armed Assailant Response

ONLINE WEBINAR Event Contact Person: Chloe Simpson

About this event

This event is provided by Heffernan Insurance Brokers

On behalf of Heffernan, please join us for this interactive and informative Webinar!

Active Shooter / Armed Assailant Response – Training for the DHS Run-Hide-Fight Protocol

Cases of workplace violence involving armed perpetrators are both rare and catastrophic. Not all subjects have used guns in these attacks; edged weapons are a concern as well. Recent events have heightened the awareness of the need for employees to follow the national DHS protocol: Run – Hide – Fight. Using empowerment over fear, this workshop covers these issues:
• Defining workplace events and perpetrators.
• Behavioral warning signs.
• Conflicts with customers or clients.
• A brief history of Active Shooter events.
• The DHS Run – Hide – Fight response: Evade, Barricade, Protect.
• Q&A