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Disaster Preparedness, Policies, and Drills

ONLINE WEBINAR Event Contact Person: Chloe Simpson

About this event

This event is provided by Heffernan Insurance Brokers

On behalf of Heffernan, please join us for this interactive and informative

Preparing for and responding to a disaster requires a powerful commitment
from employees and company leadership. The commitment forces people to take
actions that seems unnecessary since the risk of a disaster is perceived to
be small. Yet it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize what needs to
be done before and after disaster. This Webinar will proved a step by step
approach to realize the advantage of planning for a disaster.

• Employees need to prepare or they will be ineffective after a disaster
• Leaders will need to display a preparedness culture if they expect
employees to prepare
• Business Continuity Planning will identify critical business functions so
that businesses can react to a disaster and perform as expected after a