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Workshop Training or Seminar

Volunteer Motivation and the Enneagram

United Way 619 SW 11th Ave.
Event Contact Person: Emily Coleman

About this event

This event is provided by NOVAA

Have you ever wondered what makes your volunteers tick? Wonder why some come
back and others don’t? Thought “If only I could figure out how to motivate
our volunteers”?

Look no further. The Enneagram is a sophisticated, powerful, and ancient
system for self-understanding and personal development, and is used worldwide
as an effective tool in work, spirituality, and psychology. Come spend the
morning studying the Enneagram, a system for self-understanding and personal
development that will reshape the way you approach volunteer management.

The Enneagram offers a roadmap to address the specific challenges of each
personality type and to develop the unique virtues of that type that are
waiting to be discovered. Support for better relationships and communication
is a focus of the system, because discovering the “lens” through which we
view the world is the first step in our comprehending how others may
experience the world differently. Just a basic understanding of the
Enneagram broadens your skill in communicating with others.

Registration: NOVAA Members – $60 // Members of our partner associations* –
$60 // Non-members – $80