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Volunteer Outreach or Opportunity

Let’s work together to improve the places you love! Be a leader this fall!

Event Contact Person: kaleen

About this event

This event is provided by SOLVE

Have you noticed invasive plants like Ivy and Blackberry bushes popping up
along your favorite trails, and rivers? Have you seen discarded cups, cans
and other trash covering your favorite beaches and parks? We have a solution.

This fall, on September 23, thousands of Oregon volunteers will come together
for the SOLVE Beach & Riverside Cleanup, presented by the Oregon Lottery.
They’re ready to help out at a hands-on project, removing litter and
invasive plants from our neighborhoods, parks and natural areas; and we’re
ready to help you plan an event for them to improve the part of Oregon you
love best.

SOLVE provides free training, free supplies and even small grants to help
support our leaders. We’re also here to help with project planning,
volunteer recruitment and more!

Our rivers, beaches, parks and neighborhoods need your help! Come enjoy the
outdoors while making a difference this fall as a SOLVE leader at the Beach &
Riverside Cleanup, presented by the Oregon Lottery on September 23.

Please submit your project application by July 1 using this link: or by contacting SOLVE at 503-844-9571 ext. 317 or
[email protected].