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Free Webinar: Leading 21st Century Nonprofit Fundraising & Marketing Teams

Online Webinar Event Contact Person: Mazarine Treyz

About this event

This event is provided by Wild Woman Fundraising

Assuring fundraisingand marketing are strategically aligned, not siloed, has
become anessential role of nonprofit leadership in the 21st century.
Allmembers of your team must, together, consider desired outcomes,
thinkthrough best ways to get there, and commit to invest what’s neededto
do an effective job. But how do you break down the barrierspreventing
fundraising and marketing staff from cooperating in orderto get the best
results? In this session we’ll look at hardquestions to be asked and
answered to be sustainable in apost-digital economy.


How marketing and fundraising are vastly different in 2017 than 2007

4 things to which 21st Century leaders must commit to raise bothawareness and

Key ways development and marketing align to serve organizational objectives

Why you must prioritize the donor experience to build loyalty

How to ask/answer the hard questions to be sustainable

Taught by: Claire Axelrad, founder of

Claire Axelrad was named Outstanding Fundraising Professional of the Year by
the Association of Fundraising Professionals and brings 30+ years frontline
development experience to her work as principal of Clairification. She’s
led development and marketing for the San Francisco Food Bank, S.F. Jewish
Community Center, Jewish Family and Children’s Services, the California
School of Professional Psychology and the S.F. Conservatory of Music.

Claire’s passion is instilling an institution-wide culture of philanthropy.
She wants to help nonprofits think bigger, become relevant, adapt to the
digital revolution and open up to the possibilities that change brings.
She’s known for both helping nonprofits develop new visions around next
steps, and cut-to-the-chase practical strategies. She teaches the CFRE
course that certifies professional fundraisers, and is a featured expert for
NonprofitPro, Guidestar andMaximize Social Business. The Clairification blog
was named “Best Fundraising Blog of the Year” by FundRaising Success