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Workshop Training or Seminar

Coaching to Excellence

TBD, Downtown Portland Event Contact Person: Jessica Minah
Event Contact Person: Jessica Minah

About this event

This event is provided by New Ventures West

Those of us who care about the world and who have taken it on as a vocation
often find ourselves asking the following questions:
• How can I help build resilience in myself, my staff, and the people we
• How can I help people face tough questions about the future with
curiosity and courage?
• What are the talents and qualities that are uniquely mine in responding
to global challenges?
• What can I do to have more powerful conversations with people to open
• How am I to respond when I feel uncertain, unsure, and full of grief, and
yet people are relying on me?
• Is it possible to live in a way that generates aliveness when the
obstacles facing me seem insurmountable?

Whether or not your end goal is to be a coach, the competencies of coaching –
which include active listening, asking powerful questions, and cultivating an
aware presence – can be applied to whatever your work is in the world,
whether that is being a leader, a parent, a teammate, a spouse, a citizen, a
manager, etc. Integral Coaching is a developmental methodology that invites
clients to orient to their situation in a new way, so that more powerful
interpretations can be made, allowing new opportunities and possibilities to
be seen.

In the two day workshop Coaching to Excellence from New Ventures West, you
will learn a new way of working with others and with yourself that will allow
you to bring these competencies into your work in the world. This is an
experiential class, and you will coach and be coached during the course of
the workshop.

Non-profit professionals may take a discount of $250.00 off the tuition of
$695. Email [email protected] (link sends e-mail) and reference
this post.