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Intercultural Effectiveness Scale Seminar

Mercy Corps Global Headquarters 45 Ankeny St Portland, Oregon

About this event

The Intercultural Communication Institute offers qualifying seminars for both of the Kozai Group’s intercultural assessment tools: the Intercultural Effectiveness Scale (IES) and the Global Competencies Inventory (GCI).

The Intercultural Effectiveness Scale (IES) is a statistically valid self-assessment
based upon empirical research and a state-of-the-art inventory developmental system

Using the IES, Organization can:

  • Measure the ability of employees – or students – to operate with a global mindset.
  • Improve the ability to engage effectively with individuals from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Assess the impact of a learning program or curriculum for global competency development.

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Special Rate for Equity and Inclusion Leaders Network participants: Use code ies alumni