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Driving Employee Engagement & Motivation During Recovery From the Pandemic


About this event

During the recent pandemic, adapting to new ways of working away from home took America’s workforce engagement numbers into a dizzying roller coaster ride, from an unprecedented high of 40% to a low of 31%. Those managers who were willing to innovate, try new things, and tap into their creative sides were able to ride the wave and enjoy higher engagement numbers than normal.


As we emerge from the pandemic, the questions managers are left to grapple with abound. How can we remain creative and keep from reverting back to the “old” normal? What are the things we need to be intentional about so that we can promote rising engagement numbers? What should be done to ensure that emotional capital does not run out? How do we keep employees consistently motivated?


Participating in this course will introduce you to fresh perspectives on how you can keep each employee engaged, productive and performing at their best despite the drag of the pandemic.


You will learn:


How to employ gamification techniques to build engagement and motivation.

How to discover the key drivers of motivation for each of your employees.

How to use recognition and rewards to foster engagement and inspire others.

The importance of knowing your employees and learning what makes them tick.

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