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Developing Leadership Skills: 9-Part Series

Online Event

About this event

The values, language and skills in Developing Leadership Skills provide an enterprise-wide approach for aligning the power of people and knowledge with your organization’s strategic goals. The following sessions, which may also be taken as individual workshops, deliver high-performance strategies for personal leadership that keep employees on track and moving in the right direction.

Developing Leadership Skills Session Options:

  • Foundations of Leadership – Learn the three sources of power as a leader and how to tap into employee’s intrinsic motivation.
  • The Basic Principles for a Collaborative Workplace – Work towards achieving your organization’s mission and strategic plan by understanding and providing what teams need to thrive, especially in a changing workplace.
  • Coaching: Bring Out the Best in Others – Recognize daily opportunities to coach others and acquire the coaching skills to bring out the best in everyone.
  • Business Communication – Learn best practices for tailoring your message to your audience when communicating in person, via text and email and in different work models such as in remote and hybrid workplaces.
  • Giving Recognition – Feeling appreciated is the number one thing employees want. Learn how to acknowledge efforts and results in meaningful and appropriate ways.
  • Managing Your Priorities/Business Planning – Learn to distinguish what activities are essential to your role and how to better budget your time to boost productivity.
  • Personal Strategies for Navigating Change – Explore skills to help deal effectively with change, both individually and interpersonally.
  • Moving from Conflict to Collaboration – Acquire the skills to turn conflicts into opportunities to achieve positive, productive results.
  • Addressing Poor Performance – Learn how to prepare for harder performance conversations and what to do when it doesn’t go as planned

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