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Accountability and Delegation for Supervisors in the New Workplace

Online Event

About this event

The world is changing. Along with it comes the reality that people change too. Methods, mindsets, strategies, tactics, all of these are being influenced by the different perspectives that people bring to work. America's workforce is increasingly diverse. We currently have the highest diversity of ages in in the workplace ever. Additionally, diversity related to culture, gender, race, ethnicity, educational level, and other types of social identity is also on the rise. Because of this how we delegate and hold workers accountable has become a must-have skillset for supervisors and managers.

In this course, we will explore the prerequisites for accountability and delegation and the obstacles to their effective execution.

You will learn:

  • The benefits of co-creating solutions
  • Adapting your style without compromising policy
  • Differentiate between delegation, accountability, and responsibility
  • Why emotionally invested employees perform better
  • Avoiding common pitfalls such as finger pointing, blame, and micromanaging
  • Best practices for empowering others to be accountable when performing delegated tasks


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