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Workshop Training or Seminar

Practical and Useful Evaluation of Volunteer Engagement

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) 1945 SE Water Ave

About this event

Are volunteers having an impact?

As managers of volunteer involvement we are continually assessing how well things are going in many informal ways. But periodically it’s important to be formal and intentional in evaluating both the impact of volunteers and the
effectiveness of our systems in managing them. This sounds hard to do, but we can take steps throughout the year to prepare for evaluation. Along the way, we can gain valuable insight that improves our work and supports volunteers
more successfully.

Via webcam, Susan J. Ellis will take participants through an interactive discussion on:

– Clarifying what is being evaluated and whether that is the best measure of value

– The critical need to articulate measurable goals well before doing an evaluation

– How to gather the right statistics/data and ways to get more narrative, experiential input from all constituents

– Best ways to analyze collected data to reach the most accurate and helpful conclusions

– Having a strategy for what you will DO with the evaluation results

– Where individual volunteer performance assessments fit in evaluating the value of the entire volunteer engagement strategy

Learn more about Susan J. Ellis at our website.