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DEI 101: Essentials for an Inclusive Workplace

Online Event - Cascade Employers Association

About this event

This training goes beyond cultural awareness and valuing diversity. It is a
catalyst for building an organization that is free from discrimination, and
one that allows everyone to be appreciated and to make a meaningful

Participants will explore real life situations, and build and refine the
skills necessary to understand, appreciate and communicate respect for
others. They will also leave with a sense of responsibility for speaking up
when inappropriate or discriminatory remarks are made, and how to become part
of a solution. The result is an enhanced workplace, where diversity becomes a
strength, a workplace likely to have fewer instances of bias and
discrimination and where everyone can function in an inclusive atmosphere.

Key Learning Points:

  • Learn the four core competencies needed to work effectively with people, whether co-workers or clients, that are different from themselves.
  • Learn the skills needed to address inappropriate behavior in the workplace.
  • Learn communication strategies that will enhance their ability to communicate effectively in a diverse environment

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