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The Social Media Policy Toolkit

About this event

As social media transparency and two-way conversations become the norm, many nonprofits are racing to develop social media policies that govern who does what, what’s okay (and not okay) to say on behalf of the organization, and how to handle sticky situations. But even more than legislating these details, the process of creating such a policy can help you and other leaders in your organization engage in important discussions that will mature your organizational culture and better position you to take advantage of the tools and opportunities at your disposal.

In this new course based on Idealware’s popular Nonprofit Social Media Policy Workbook, we’ll explore why the process is as important as the product, how to make these conversations productive and strategic (and maybe even fun), and why a social media policy is an important milestone of digital maturity. We’ll also spend an entire hour on each of the following topics: responding to comments (especially negative ones), your social media values, and personal voice vs. professional voice. Throughout this course, we’ll rely heavily on conversations and examples to help you see the results of creating your own social media policy.

Takeaways from the course:

  • Learn what a social media policy is, why it’s important, and what it can do for your organization
  • Brainstorm your own social media values
  • Better understand how you should interact online with your biggest supporters and detractors
  • Learn how to manage the intersection of the personal and professional in social media
  • Learn how to get your staff on board and start seeing positive results

Toolkit Schedule

All 90-minute sessions begin at 10:00 a.m. PST.

February 19: Creating a Values-based Policy

Knowing how you should approach social media depends largely on the type of organization you represent. Are you a friendly, approachable animal shelter? A diverse, altruistic legal aid association? An impartial, informed library? In this class we’ll take the all-important first step of thinking about what you value as an organization and how to incorporate those values into your social media presence.

February 28: Discussions & Diatribes

What happens when someone says something negative on social media? How should you respond? Should you respond at all? It’s more common than you think to run into a touchy situation with one of your followers online. We’ll look at the key considerations in interacting with your audience—through the good, the bad, and the ugly.

March 5: The Personal & Professional Intersection

Social media forces us to address difficult questions about the different ways our personal lives and professional work can intersect. Navigating between them can be difficult, especially on tools like Facebook that require the user to have a personal account to use an organization’s page. It’s important to lay out the ground rules ahead of time to ensure that all your staff—who may have very different ideas about what’s appropriate—are clear about the expectations.

About the Presenter

Andrea Berry, Director of Partnerships and Learning, oversees Idealware’s fundraising and training activities, including the Field Guide to Nonprofit Software, sponsorship, corporate and individual giving, grants management, and online seminars. Prior to joining Idealware, Andrea held fundraising positions in education, health research, and museums. She has also taught math, performing arts, and history in traditional and non-traditional educational settings. She brings a breadth of experience with fundraising software, particularly as it relates to small nonprofits, and has worked as a consultant with nonprofits across New England to help identify appropriate donor management software. Additionally, as a former teacher, Andrea brings front-line, tested expertise in curriculum development and training.

Cost (for all three sessions)

$85 NAO Members
$95 Nonmembers

Additional Information

Registration for this event is through Idealware, our partner for this training.

Please register with the email address where you would like to receive the access and dial-in information for the online seminar.
All registered participants are granted access to the recordings of each session. If a participant cannot attend any of the sessions due to a scheduling conflict, they will still have access to all the content of the Toolkit.

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