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Free Webinar: Understanding the New Federal Guidance on Grantmaking


About this event

Date: January 27, 2014
Details: Day-long webinar

The federal government recently published its overhaul of federal grants policies and procedures and many of the changes should benefit charitable nonprofits, their work in communities on behalf of governments, and the nonprofit community as a whole.

Called a “game changer” by the National Council of Nonprofits, the new guidance will require federal agencies, and state and local governments using federal funds, to reimburse nonprofit contractors and grantees for reasonable indirect costs, sometimes called administrative or overhead expenses. The guidance also raises the single audit threshold, clarifies cost allocation rules, and makes significant reforms that should allow nonprofits to focus more on delivering services in their communities and spend less time and money on wasteful paperwork.

To help organizations that contract with governments better understand and take advantage of the new rules, the Office of Management and Budget is hosting a day-long webinar on Monday, January 27.

The presentation, which will be recorded, will provide the first, comprehensive look at changes to administrative requirements, cost principles, and audit requirements that were included in the package of reforms. This should be a great opportunity to get detailed information directly from key officials and receive early insights into how the federal government will be interpreting new provisions designed to reduce burdens on nonprofits and others.

To attend the free webinar, sign up for the Council on Financial Assistance Reform (COFAR) Mailing List. They will send you the link and time for the webinar.