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Assessing Program Profitability


About this event

Presented by the Nonprofit Finance Fund

Every program impacts your organization’s bottom line. Making informed decisions about critical organizational issues like hiring or fundraising requires a clear understanding or each program’s profit or loss. Is it inherently profitable? Does it require subsidy? How does it fit together financially with other programs? NFF’s unique Program Profitability Model provides a clear-sighted way for nonprofit managers to answer these questions. Through real-life examples, this 60-minute webinar will explain how participants can use a program economic assessment to make adjustments and improve financial health with minimal impact on programs.

About the Unpacking the Nonprofit Manager’s Toolbox Webinar Series

All sessions are from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. PST.
April 15, 2014: Budgeting as a Communication Tool
April 22, 2014: Monitoring Cash Flow
April 29, 2014: Assessing Program Profitability
May 6, 2014: Scenario Planning
May 13, 2014: Managing to a Dashboard
May 20, 2014: Strategic Alliances, Collaborations & Mergers

This webinar sequence demonstrates an array of tools and strategies to help inform data-driven decision making for nonprofit professionals. We think this knowledge is indispensable for any professional working in the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors.

Additional Information

Registration includes an invitation to join the live broadcast for each webinar, as well as a recorded version that participants can view at their convenience and downloadable PPT slides. Recordings and PPT slides will be disseminated shortly after the webinar.

The sessions can be taken as a full financial management curriculum, or can be chosen a la carte for organizations seeking to address specific business challenges.

The fee for this webinar is $75, or you can purchase a Full Series Discount Package for $382. If you are registering for one at a time, NAO Members receive a 10% discount. Be sure to enter the discount code SAVE10 and also indicate on the registration drop-down menu that NAO referred you!

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