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Workshop Training or Seminar

What Matters for NFPs: Strategic Planning: Approaches,Benefits & Challenges

Sisters of St Mary of Oregon 4440 SW 148th Ave
Event Contact Person: Kara Lewis

About this event

A successful strategic plan is an invaluable part of any organization’s
long-term sustainability. However, often times, limited resources,
short-term vision and fear stand in the way of developing and implementing a strong, successful plan. A motivating Vision, accountability and adaptability are key elements that stimulate efforts to keep the plan moving forward.

One size does not fit all. Embrace your future! Come listen and learn about the various approaches to developing a plan, the benefits for your
organization, and how to overcome challenges that you may encounter along the way to successful completion and implementation.

This event is offered at no charge for not-for-profit leaders and
professional service firms. Pre-Registration is strongly encouraged.