I’m predicting much energy, happiness, and good fortune for Oregon’s nonprofits in 2020!

It’s that time of the year in the northwest when Mother Nature bestows us with her bounty of wintry weather of snow, rain, and mighty waves. 2020 has kicked off as energetically as Mother Nature has. On January 25, many in our communities celebrated the Lunar New Year and welcomed the Year of the Rat and we hope the year will bring much energy, happiness, and good fortune to all!

Here at NAO, we are looking forward to a great 2020! For those who attended NAO’s Annual Meeting yesterday – in person or virtually – we shared our 2019 Mission Impact Report and a preview of some of what we have in store for the sector in 2020. I’m proud of the work NAO staff delivered last year in service to our members and the greater Oregon nonprofit community. We enhanced our member benefits; delivered more than 100 learning and convening events; published our Equity & Inclusion Lens Guide and Charitable Giving Report; partnered with organizations around the state and nationally, such as the Building Movement Project; and were actively involved with ORS 65 changes. We were excited to formally welcome NAO’s 2020 Board of Directors as well. NAO Members can find a recording (forward to 12:55) of NAO’s Annual meeting and presentations here.

At NAO’s Annual Meeting, we previewed highlights from the Oregon Nonprofit Sector Survey that many of you participated in last fall. We’ll be publishing a report on the findings in February, so watch for that to come out soon. We will also be answering a request that you have been making of us for several years now: NAO will be launching a Nonprofit Compensation & Benefits Survey on Feb. 18!

I encourage as many nonprofits as possible to participate in the survey. Your participation is vital in providing critical compensation and benefits data for Oregon’s nonprofit sector. The more responses, the better the data, and the better the information we can share! The Compensation & Benefits Survey Report will be available later this spring. All data will be anonymized for reporting purposes. Collectively, we will be better informed with accurate data points to guide compensation and benefits decision making for and about our greatest assets – our employees. To make sure your organization receives the survey to complete, have the appropriate individual in your organization submit their information here.

Our focus for this year is to bring you additional and enhanced member benefits, such as the member discounts for web technology services through Firespring, and a partnership with Nonprofit Ready to bring our members a curated learning platform. As in past years, we will continue to bring you professional development, networking, and convening offerings around the state. Look for an NAO event happening near you.

We are also tracking the opening of the 2020 Oregon Legislative session. We will be tracking legislative concepts that we feel enhance or detract from the work that you do and bringing those to your attention. As you know, this is a “short” session year, so the movement of bills through the chambers will be fast. We hope that you will engage in the process and make your voices heard by speaking to your legislators about the amazing work of your missions.

We also want to thank our members and our membership partners and our supporters for supporting the work we do on your behalf. If you’re a “Yet-To-Be" NAO member, I urge you to join to take advantage of the great benefits we offer – you’ll save $$$ for your nonprofit and your staff and be part of a fantastic network bringing you the latest information, resources, and connections so you can make an even greater impact on the communities you serve. Contact us at membership@nonprofitoregon.org

Wishing you all success for your nonprofit in the Year of the Rat!



Jim White,
Executive Director, Nonprofit Association of Oregon