Hiking, picnics and opportunities to advance your nonprofit work!

For many of us, this time of the year calls for some relaxing, enjoying the beautiful Oregon outdoors and ensuring our nonprofits are continuing to perform well. We’re almost half way through the year, with solid work behind us and more opportunities ahead of us. Here at NAO we are closing out our 2018-2019 “network series” training season and have launched our planning for the fall series of learning and convening events. In fact, we will soon be launching a request for proposals for presenters for the learning sessions that we are planning across the state. If you have an interest in receiving that RFP, please contact us at training@nonprofitoregon.org.

We were especially happy to see so many folks come to the 6th Annual Nonprofit Symposium in Eugene produced together with Columbia Bank and the Center for Equity and Inclusion. It was a day of learning and great opportunities to exchange ideas on the concepts of diversity, equity and inclusion with an emphasis on those that are just getting started in the work.

While our “network series” events go on hiatus through the summer, we are still bringing learning and convening events to you all through the summer. From Klamath Falls and Lakeview to Florence and Prineville, please be sure to check out our upcoming events in your community at: https://nonprofitoregon.org/learn.

As promised last month, we are following up the 2018 Year-End Charitable Giving in Oregon Report that NAO released together with the Association of Fundraising Professionals of Oregon and SW Washington, with more information on donor advised funds. You may remember that over 40% of respondents to the survey reported receiving an unexpected contribution through DAFs. Ted Grigsby, Director of Nonprofit & Philanthropy at Human Investing agreed to give us a practical understanding of how DAFs work and what nonprofits should know. Thanks to Ted and his team for: Donor Advised Funds: “Do’s” and “Don’ts” for Nonprofits, a useful primer on DAFs that was especially developed for NAO to share with all of you. I strongly encourage you all to check it out. 

As the Oregon legislative session winds down, we know there are still some critically important bills that have yet to be decided. We will continue to watch these and will be distributing a special policy alert update in June on information you need to know. One important bill that did get “done” was SB360, which modernizes and improves Oregon’s Nonprofit Corporation Code (ORS 65). While the finalization of SB360 earned a humorous description from The Oregonian for being a dense tome of largely technical updates that took nearly three days to read into the record (!!!), the changes were necessary and well over due. NAO was honored to be a part of the team organized by the Oregon State Bar’s Nonprofit Organizations Legal Section (NOLS) that spent nearly four years redrafting the sections of ORS 65 line-by-line. A summary of the changes can be found on the Oregon State Bar website and NAO is committed to send out a special article on what nonprofits need to be aware of regarding the changes.

With the beautiful weather returning, I hope you have a great time enriching yourselves, your organizations and your communities through the summer!



Jim White,
Executive Director, Nonprofit Association of Oregon