Amplify Your Voice

Benefits: Nonprofit Affiliate
Advocacy skill building
Attendance to NAO’s Annual Meeting
Ongoing advocacy and meetings with community leaders and policymakers
Public policy alerts with information on issues that impact our sector
Representation through the National Council of Nonprofits  
State and federal legislative monitoring and updates
Statewide and media advocacy on trends, issues, and research results

Build Your Capacity & Network

Benefits: Nonprofit Affiliate
Increase your knowledge and effectiveness
Listing in The Directory  
Organization visibility on our website and through eNews submissions
Participate in NAO convenings, exchange ideas, be a part of the conversation
Relevant sector information and resources via our monthly eNews

Leverage Your Resources

Benefits: Nonprofit Affiliate
Background checks and screening: Coeus Global  
Benefit/pay data and compensation plans: Cascade Employers Association
Credit card processing: Bluewater Nonprofit Solutions  
Fundraising tools: DonorSearch
Fundraising tool: Bloomerang
Grantseeking tool: GrantStation Member Value Program
Healthcare coverage (50+ staff members): Nonstop Wellness  
Human resources and payroll services: GNSA (Great Northern Staff Administrators)
Human resources support services: Mammoth HR  
NAO training program discounts
Nonprofit publications
Nonprofit job board: Mac's List
Office supplies and everyday items: Office Depot
Product donation: Good 360  
Unemployment management services: Unemployment Services Trust  
Virtual Assistance: VaVa Virtual Assistance