Reimagine your employees' healthcare

Explore a new way to provide your employees better benefits at a lower cost

NAO's partner, Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services, Inc. is a local mission-driven health benefits broker that designs health benefits plans that promote access to primary care through robust first-dollar coverage. Nonstop believes in the power of healthcare equity and is committed to helping nonprofits control the cost of their employee health benefits without slashing coverage.

Nonstop plans feature:

  • Solutions designed for nonprofits with more than 50 employees on benefits
  • Reduced or eliminated employee out-of-pocket costs
  • Expanded first-dollar coverage for all in-network covered services
  • Easy one-stop-shop for benefits administration, billing reconciliation, COBRA, online enrollment and employee contribution modeling
  • A unique way for nonprofits to reduce and control their employer-sponsored health benefits costs

An organization’s biggest investment is in its human resources, and they need to be cared for, nurtured, and developed. Offering employee healthcare is one critical way to do this - but it needs to be affordable and accessible to be of real use to Oregon's nonprofit employees. They need to feel that they are secure in both their and their family's health and well-being in order to best serve our communities. Doing this will make a significant difference in the success and sustainability of an organization.

-Jim White, Executive Director of NAO

Want to learn more about Nonstop’s healthcare benefits solutions?

Contact their dedicated Benefits Advisor, Angerene Aldridge:

Angerene Aldridge is a Benefits Advisor at Nonstop who has over 25 years of experience in account management. Angerene is passionate about helping nonprofits find the right plan design for their organization. To learn more about Nonstop’s plan design offerings, talk to Angerene at 503-449-3892

Interested in business partnership and collaboration?

Contact their Senior Marketing Manager, Lesley Brown Albright:

Lesley Brown Albright is a Senior Marketing Manager specializing in serving the Northwest region for Nonstop. She has over 15 years of experience fostering relationships and creating collaborative thought leadership solutions in the Oregon community. To learn more about business and community partnerships, reach out to Lesley at 503-309-4586

By providing improved benefits at a much lower cost and with reduced out-of-pocket expenses, both Rogue Community Health and our staff will have more opportunities to use valuable dollars in the areas where they will have the most impact. For RCH that means expanded patient access and staff development, and for employees – that means more money each month for family, home, and other living expenses.

- William North, CEO, Rogue Community Health


Nonstop is committed to providing advocacy and education to nonprofits and their workforce. Click here to download their free white paper to learn about different employer-sponsored healthcare funding options designed for Oregon nonprofits with 50 employees or more on benefits.