Explore a new way to self-fund employee healthcare,
with a program designed specifically for Oregon nonprofits
with 50+ employees on benefits

NAO's partner, Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services, is a local mission-based benefits advisor that offers its unique partially self-funded health insurance program to nonprofits with at least 50 staff members on benefits. The Nonstop Wellness program provides:

  • Organization savings
  • Eliminated employee out-of-pockets - no deductibles, copays, or coinsurance
  • The potential to receive unspent healthcare dollars back on a quarterly basis

Find out how Nonstop Wellness can save your organization valuable dollars while
also offering a $0 healthcare program for your employees!

An organization’s biggest investment is in its human resources, and they need to be cared for, nurtured, and developed. Offering employee healthcare is one critical way to do this - but it needs to be affordable and accessible to be of real use to Oregon's nonprofit employees. They need to feel that they are secure in both their and their family's health and well-being in order to best serve our communities. Doing this will make a significant difference in the success and sustainability of an organization.

-Jim White, Executive Director of NAO


For more information on how Nonstop Wellness is serving nonprofits around Oregon, please download these local case studies:

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