Mammoth is a Portland-based human resources company that helps organizations comply with their regulatory responsibilities and implement best practices. Their approach is unique -- each plan is tailored to your organization and includes a dedicated HR Pro who will partner with you to tackle your HR priorities. And instead of charging by the billable hour, Mammoth delivers its services under a flat, monthly membership fee.

Membership plans are built around the individual needs of an organization, but every plan starts with:

  • A Dedicated HR Professional
    A certified HR Professional will partner with you and get to know the ins and out of your business. They’ll conduct a Mammoth HR Gap Analysis and build a customized Mammoth HR Action Plan to help you build a compliant, productive workplace and make your organization stronger.
  • Access to a Best in Class HR Support Center
    As a member, you’ll gain access to an online library full of HR templates, documents, laws, training and other compliance tools. Save hours by accessing helpful resources that are created in-house by the Mammoth HR professionals.

Mammoth is NAO's preferred partner for HR support services.


With the expertise of its team of certified HR Pros, Mammoth aims to help businesses manage HR issues efficiently and affordably. NAO nonprofit members receive a special 20% discount on their services.

Get Started!

NAO 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Members can locate their 20% off discount code by logging into their individual user account on NAO's homepage (top right corner), then by visiting our Members Only Area.

Need help creating your individual user account or linking your existing user account to your organization’s membership? Access this user account info sheet for instructions. Contact Member Services at membership@nonprofitoregon.org for any questions about how to access this member benefit. For more information about Mammoth HR and this member benefit visit www.MammothHR.com or contact Kym Whitten at Kymw@MammothHR.com or 503-332-0551.

Ask the Pro Q&A

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  • What is at-will employment? Read response.
  • If a non-exempt employee uses paid time off one day and then works longer shifts the rest of the week (so their timesheet adds up to more than 40 hours), do I have to pay overtime? Read response.