VaVa Virtual Assistants is a full-service virtual administrative assistance team specializing in many areas of administrative tasks, performing these services via telecommunication. By using a specialized virtual administrative assistant team such as VaVa, you will receive services to tackle those lengthy to-do lists and handle all the backend administrative tasks that need to be done for your business on a daily basis. Our specialists use their extensive training to complete daily tasks in social media management and marketing, email marketing/newsletters, travel booking, website and graphic design, and much more.

Our clientele range from individuals in the general public, startup entrepreneurs, small- to medium-sized business owners, traveling business men and women, and corporate executives. No client is too small or too big as we serve working professionals of all industries. Additionally, because our assistant services are virtually-based, we can provide aid to clients in all areas of Oregon.

The cost benefits of utilizing a virtual administrative assistant to keep your business as economical as possible include:

  • Only paying for the time the virtual assistant is actively working on their tasks - never for idle or break time.
  • Lowering overhead costs.
  • Not paying payroll taxes.
  • Not having to provide an office space or equipment.
  • Minimal training expense.

Using a virtual administrative assistant also allows you to customize the hours and services you require. Our clients can choose the hourly package that fits their needs best on a weekly or monthly basis. Also, as the needs of the client change over time, our packages are flexible so they can be changed according to what makes sense as our clients’ businesses grow.

Our motto is “Our Job is to Make Your Job Easier” and we strive to do just that for our clients each and every day. Our goal is to make our clients feel less overwhelmed with mundane daily administrative tasks so they have more time to focus on revenue-generating business tasks, spending more time with their family and having more freedom for leisure activities. If you’re a busy business owner or a nonprofit executive and would like help reducing the amount of work you do each day, please connect with us!


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