In partnership with the National Council of Nonprofits’ Safety Initiative and the Nonprofit Association of Oregon, Coeus Global offers discounted background checking and screening services for NAO’s Nonprofit Members.

Screening of paid staff and volunteers is required for many nonprofits. The customized services provided by Coeus Global will allow your nonprofit to effectively conduct screenings of paid staff and volunteers, track your applicants’ background checks, and make the best decisions about who to hire/engage.

Why are background checks important? A vital part of any volunteer management or hiring process, criminal background checking and screening help to:

  • Place the best possible candidate
  • Enhance your organization’s effectiveness through greater productivity and retention
  • Supplant your organization’s loss prevention efforts and provide a safer environment for employees, volunteers, and clients

What is involved in a background check? Generally, background checks go back seven years and explore address, criminal, employment, and education history, as well as other areas such as motor vehicle and sex offenses, anti-terrorist activity, drug screening, professional licensure, and other federal criminal and civil records.


On average, NAO 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Members save 62% on standard background screening options.

Get Started!

Contact Member Services at membership@nonprofitoregon.org and ask to be put in contact with a Coeus Global representative in order to get started.


"As a youth service-based nonprofit, it’s vital to our organization that we have background checks done all of our staff and volunteers for student protection. We are a new member of the NAO and the discounts offered through your organization is one of the reasons that we joined. It was very easy to sign up and get set up to use. The fact that it’s all done online is even better, as we don’t have to collect paper and signatures from staff and volunteers."
Mike Quillen, Executive Director Oregon Crusaders

“Through Coeus Global’s background screening services, Living Yoga is paying half of what we were paying before per background check. I attended the online training with the owner, Art Ferreira, and so appreciated his commitment and support of non-profits – he was really inspiring and thoughtful.”
Sheila Walker, Program Coordinator Living Yoga