Why Insure Nonprofit Directors & Officers?
Nonprofit Directors and Officers have personal liability exposure by virtue of the management decisions made for their organization and its financial assets. Hazards faced by nonprofit organizations in Oregon include employment-related matters, breach of duty, and errors and omissions. Unfortunately, lawsuits against nonprofit organizations from employees, customers, vendors, and the government are becoming increasingly common.

Coverage includes:

  • Directors and Officers liability
  • Employment practices liability
  • $100,000 sublimit for fiduciary liability and workplace violence
  • Legal defense costs in addition to liability limit
  • Prior acts coverage
  • Volunteers, leased, seasonal, and part‐time employees
  • Third party coverage
  • Employed lawyers coverage
  • $150,000 sublimit for defense for Fair Labor Standards Acts (FLSA) claims
  • Personal injury coverage backstop

Risk management tools include:

  • A toll‐free employment practice hotline offering complimentary telephone consultation services
  • Sample workplace policies on preserving employment‐at‐will status, federal Family and Medical Leave Act compliance, and prohibiting harassment in the workplace
  • A guide containing general information about employment claims, the hiring process, pre‐employment testing, and other potential workplace issues to help avoid workplace claims

Claim Examples:

  • Directors & Officers Liability Claim Example
    Private donors filed a misappropriation of funds lawsuit against a foundation’s Board alleging the foundation did not purpose their donations to align with the foundation’s mission.
  • Employment Practices Liability Claim Example
    A CFO filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against her former employer alleging she was terminated because of her race. The employer had documented the termination was for poor performance and attendance.
  • Fiduciary Liability Claim Example
    An employee filed a failure to disclose lawsuit against his employer alleging he was not informed his medical coverage was reduced when his employer changed medical insurance companies resulting in out-of-pocket medical expenses to the employee.

Without Directors & Officers Insurance in place these claim examples would be the financial burden of the organization and Board. The cost to the organization is dependent upon claim specifics. The above examples could range from $10,000 to over $250,000 in legal defense costs, awards, and settlement.


20% Discount Applied to Annual Premium for NAO 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Members.

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