Since 1983, 501(c)(3) employers have had the ability to opt out of the state unemployment tax system and instead pay dollar-for-dollar for their own unemployment claims through the Unemployment Services Trust (UST), a national nonprofit alternative to paying state unemployment taxes. By exercising their federal exemption, nonprofits that work with UST are able to pay only for their own unemployment costs and set aside a reserve account to pay for their claims. And because they are no longer part of the tax-rated pool, these 501(c)(3) organizations can avoid the claims volatility of other associations.


Providing nonprofits with workforce solutions that reduce costs and strengthen their missions, UST provides its members up to 60% in savings, and offers exclusive access to the following services:

  • Unemployment Claims Administration Services
  • Expert Unemployment Hearing Representation
  • E-Filing Capabilities for Managing Claims Details
  • Thousands of HR Dorms, Documents and Templates
  • Live HR Hotline and 200+ Online Training Courses
  • Award-winning Outplacement and Career Transition Services

UST has partnered with the Nonprofit Association of Oregon since 2010 to help reach organizations like yours to keep more money within the nonprofit community. Aren’t you curious to see how much you could save?

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