Become an NAO Member

Nonprofit Association of Oregon is the statewide membership association for the nonprofit sector. We work across the state to strengthen the collective voice, leadership, and capacity of nonprofits to enrich the lives of all Oregonians.

As a member of NAO, you become part of an important network of organizations, affiliates, and individuals who believe in the vitality of the sector. While you’re busy delivering direct service to some of Oregon’s most vulnerable populations, NAO is here to take care of things for you – like being your go-to resource and referral partner; offering relevant, timely, and effective professional development; facilitating networking and convening opportunities; being your voice and advocating on your behalf on the public policy front; identifying and offering cost-savings programs for your nonprofit and other key essentials needed to run your organization efficiently and effectively. Connect, Improve, and Advance your organization and your Oregon nonprofit sector today by joining NAO!

Types of Membership

  1. Nonprofit Membership: 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations only
  2. Business Affiliate Membership: Consultants, Businesses, and Service Providers
  3. Government Entity/Other types of Nonprofits: Government Entity, e.g City of Portland / Non-501(c)(3) nonprofit types, e.g. 501(c)(6), etc.
  4. Individual Membership

Nonprofits that meet IRS requirements for tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the tax code may select Nonprofit membership, while all other types of 501(c) nonprofit corporations should select Government Entity/Other Types of Nonprofits. Only 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations are voting members of NAO.

Business Affiliate and Business Verified Affiliate Memberships with NAO supports consultants, businesses, and service providers in connecting with nonprofits to help them thrive and achieve their missions. Business Affiliate Members receive many of the same benefits as other NAO membership types, plus they receive a basic listing in The Directory to advertise their services. Business Verified Affiliate Members receive the same benefits as Business Affiliates and, after a vetting process conducted by NAO, have enhanced benefits like a “Verified” listing in The Directory and opportunities to sponsor our events or training programs. Contact for more information.  

To see a full list of benefits and for more information, visit our Benefits page.

Membership Dues

All NAO memberships start on the day a member signs up and continues for a one-year term, for example, if a member signs up on October 14, 2021 the term would expire on October 13, 2022. NAO sends out a membership renewal notice near the end of the term to keep your organization in NAO's statewide member network and keep those member benefits coming! 

Nonprofit Membership: Dues are based on an organization's annual operating budget

Under $49,999 $50
$50,000-100,000 $95
$100,001-250,000 $150
$250,001-500,000 $215
$500,001-1,000,000 $275
$1,000,001-$5,000,000 $315
$5,000,001 - $10,000,000 $475
$10,000,001 - $25,000,000 $500
$25,000,001 and up $600

Business Affiliate Membership: Dues are based on number of employees in the organization.

Small Business Affiliate (1-49 Employees) $150
Small Business Verified Affiliate (1-49 Employees) $275
Large Business Affiliate (50+ Employees) $300
Large Business Verified Affiliate (50+ Employees) $425

Government Entity Membership: Dues are based on number of employees in the department within the agency.

Small Government Entity (1-49 Employees) $150
Large Government Entity (50+ Employees) $300

Other Non-501(c)(3) Nonprofit Membership: Dues are based on number of employees in the organization.

Small Non-501(c)(3) Nonprofit types (1-49 Employees) $150
Large Non-501(c)(3) nonprofit types (50+ Employees) $300

Individual Membership:

Individual $60

Renew Your Membership

Log in with your (or your organization’s) primary user account. Select Renew Now from the sidebar menu. You’ll be brought back to this page where you’ll click the appropriate membership link from above to continue on to the online renewal form. If you are having trouble accessing your account, please contact us at


Questions About Membership?

Email or call 503-239-4001, ext. 110.