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As the sector-wide network representing all Oregon nonprofits, the Nonprofit Association of Oregon (NAO) works across the state to strengthen and connect nonprofit leaders, organizations, and the sector as a whole. NAO accomplishes this by giving voice to the collective achievements and aspirations of nonprofits; growing organizational and leadership capacity and diversity; and facilitating knowledge exchange among nonprofits and across the nonprofit, public, and private sectors. Building on its rich history of capacity building over more than three decades, NAO ensures a future in which Oregon nonprofits are visible and valued as essential contributors to our society.

Types of membership (click the link to join):

  1. Nonprofit Membership: 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations
  2. Affiliate Membership: Businesses (including nonprofit consultants)
  3. Government Entity/Other types of Nonprofits: Government Entity/Non 501(c)(3) nonprofit types, e.g. 501(c)(6), etc.
  4. Individual Membership

Amplify Your Voice.
It is imperative that nonprofits are heard by public and private leaders. Excellent programs and services alone are not enough to achieve your mission. NAO provides a strong collective voice for Oregon nonprofits to advance critical policy issues affecting the sector in our state and in Washington DC. Rely on NAO to be your Public Policy data and analysis resource.

Build Your Capacity & Network.
Take your nonprofit to the next level. Measuring and articulating your nonprofit’s effectiveness and impact in your community requires linking to broader, cross-sector knowledge and trends. NAO membership offers access to relevant survey data, tools, and analysis from across the state and nation. Exchange ideas, network with peers, and be a part of the current conversation at NAO trainings, workshops, and convenings.

Leverage Your Resources.
Save money to improve your bottom line. View Member Benefits

Renew Your Membership

To renew your membership sign in using your organization/primary account on our website. Please contact us if you are not certain who the primary contact is for your organization.

Annual Nonprofit Membership Dues

Nonprofit Membership with the Nonprofit Association of Oregon is available to organizations in Oregon that meet the requirements of the IRS for tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the tax code. Only 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations are voting members of the Nonprofit Association of Oregon.

Nonprofit membership dues are based on budget size:

Under $49,999 $50
$50,000-100,000 $95
$100,001-250,000 $150
$250,001-500,000 $215
$500,001-1,000,000 $275
$1,000,001-$5,000,000 $315
$5,000,001 - $10,000,000 $475
$10,000,001 - $25,000,000 $500
$25,000,001 and up $600

Annual Affiliate Membership Dues

NAO strives to ensure nonprofits are connected with businesses and service providers that help them thrive and achieve their missions. Through The Directory, Business Affiliate Members may advertise their services directly to nonprofits in need. All Business Affiliate Members receive a basic listing in The Directory during an active NAO membership. For enhanced features Business Affiliate Members may apply to an upgraded level known as the Verified Listing.

Affiliate Membership is available to non-501(c)(3) exempt organizations and government entities, consultants to nonprofits, business partners, and individual supporters. Most are eligible for member benefits, including discounts on NAO workshops and events, but are not eligible to vote.

Business affiliate membership dues are based on employee size:

Individual (Students, please call for specific rate) $60
Small Business Affiliate (1-49 Employees) $150
Small Business Affiliate Verified (1-49 Employees) $275
Large Business Affiliate (50+ Employees) $300
Large Business Affiliate Verified (50+ Employees) $425

Government entity membership dues are based on employee size (dept. size for large gov't.):

Small Government Entity (1-49 Employees) $150
Large Government Entity (50+ Employees) By dept.
     Large Government Entity (Small dept. 1-49 Employees) $150
     Large Government Entity (Large dept. 50+ Employees) $300

Non (c)(3) nonprofit type membership dues are based on employee size:

Small Non 501(c)(3) nonprofit types (1-49 Employees) $150
Large Non 501(c)(3) nonprofit types (50+ Employees) $300

Questions About Membership?

Call 503-239-4001, ext. 127 or email